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Washington Is On Fire

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

By DJ Phresh Pharaoh

Imagine this...

A budding scene littered every weekend with underground ragers, hall parties, and “official” club events. The events themselves hosted by local models and entertainers whose popularity rises with each comedic clip, short film, and photoshoot they participate in.

A culture powered by authentic artists who have toured the nation, been grammy nominated, invited to SXSW, and played venues as big as Key Arena or the Tacoma Dome. Backed by experienced DJ’s who’s mixes are reaching hundreds of thousands of organic plays and have attracted the attention of radio stations, AND held down the stage with celebs. Pushed by a crop of promoters with the ability to book big names such as Gucci Mane, Chris Brown, Migos, and 2 Chainz.

All of this being supplemented by successful local entrepreneurs who run the clothing labels, studios, galleries, and production houses that make everything look so damn good. Seattle? Tacoma? How about both? Washington is winning right now.

The growing energy of the entertainment scene has engulfed the entirety of a region from Everett to the Renton Highlands to and all the way to Lakewood. It's too soon to collectively define the multiple forces that have been growing and moving through Washington for the past 4 years. However, that day will be here soon.

Often overlooked, or falsely labeled as a “copy-cat culture”, The Seattle and Tacoma scenes seem poised to bring the Pacific Northwest to new heights. In fact, brands like Sony, Zaytoven, Beluga Heights, REVOLT, Atlantic Records, and Amazon are already scouting the area for talent and creating opportunities.

If names like:

  • Lil Mosey

  • Lewie

  • Gift Of Gab + Grimes

  • KShiday

  • 200paid

  • Dave B

  • Tre Da Don

  • Macntaj

  • DJ Basskids

  • SoufSouf

  • Jay Loud

  • Nfl Irvine

  • Laza

  • IsaacJacuzzi

  • Holly Michelle

  • Papa Black

  • Dj Kure

  • Travis Thompson

  • DJ 2x

  • Check Team

  • 28Av

  • Raz Simone

  • DJ ItsTrent

  • Lil Woadie

  • Musie

  • Keyshawn The King

  • Mr. NiceX2

  • Big Jone$

  • SwisherSleep

  • DJ K-Phi

  • Fatal Luciauno

  • Kodac The Great

  • Jesse James

  • Will Jordan

  • Chris Pack

  • Nino Carter

  • Revert

  • MikeJack3200

  • Besa (KUBE93fm)

  • Repsect My Region

  • DubSeaTV

  • ParisAlexa

  • Frenchyoso

  • Ralphy Davis

  • Caleb (CMALO08)

  • DJ Phresh Pharaoh