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DJ Phresh Pharaoh has been one of the PNW most influential underground and mainstream DJ's for the past 6 years. He is extremely passionate about music, and the business infrastructure that supports it. Furthermore Phresh is obsessed with perfecting the "fan/listener experience", which has been instrumental to his popularity and success. Pharaoh’s interest has taken him across the country and back again, which has resulted in:


  • Playing live music for tens of thousands of PNW locals (largely in Washington State). Phresh is very in tune with the ears and hearts of the Pacific Northwest. DJ Phresh Pharaoh plays live events 2-3 times per week.


  • A solid relationship with many extremely talented, committed, working artists in the Pacific Northwest.  Those who do not know personally know Phresh Pharaoh are still affected by his social media and event presence. Phresh Pharaoh have solid, growing brand awareness amongst consumers and artists.


  • Phresh Pharaoh has hosted 2 PNW focused mixtapes, self-curated, featuring the best "mainstream ready" music available at the time of release.


  • As a promoter, DJ Phresh Pharaoh created targeted social media groups, the largest being 50,000+, dedicated to hip-hop, nightlife, and active living lifestyles in Washington state.


  • Simultaneously, as a mainstream promoter and DJ, Phresh Pharaoh has played/promoted 2 Chainz, 21 Savage, Chris Brown, School Boy Q, Lil Tjay, Young Dolph, Dave East, HoodRich, Ugly God, Ja$iah, Wyclef, RexLifeRaj, Tee Grizzly, Yin Yang Twins, Curren$y, Trinidad James, Scotty ATL, Ritz, Dice Soho, Michael Trapson, Jin Gates, Squid Nice, Croosh, and more.


  • In (2018) DJ Phresh Pharaoh represented the PNW brand across country with the Vans Warped Tour, and mastered the details of touring, merchandise sales, and brand building as an artist/entertainer.


  • Phresh Pharaoh also has significant experience working in corporate environments as well. He has worked for Microsoft Ventures, Edelman (world renowned PR agency),, and several funded start-ups. He is adept at working with artists AND professionals of all ages and status.


  • Phresh Pharaoh has already created several playlist on Spotify with the intent of consumer consumption. As a DJ, playlist building is something he’s worked hard to be very good at. His background in concert band, and my connection throughout childhood with artists like SPEECH, Heatwave, Young Jeezy allowed him to build a well-rounded appreciation and understanding for music placement and purpose. Phresh Pharaoh believes every song has a purpose and subliminal directions created by the producer, provided to the listener.


  • DJ Phresh Pharaoh most popular mash-up online has over 221,000 plays and counting!


  • In 2019, The Phresh Pharaoh and HotGirlSquaDD toured Atlanta, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Yakima, Oak Harbor, Anacortes, and Phoenix.

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