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Meet Trey - AKA - TRE DA DON

Tre Da Don, (AKA  Donald Ray Anderson) was born and raised in Sawyerville, Alabama; a small town on the outskirts of Tuscaloosa, AL. He is a new Hip-hop artists based out of Seattle with already over 750,000 streams to his name.


Tre Da Don has always loved music, and even grew up in a musically inclined family. He officially started his professional music career in the summer of 2020. As a song writer he has an adept ability to make the listener “feel” his pain; and his emotions are carried by his voice in his songs. 


The source of his pain is also his motivation.  After losing his mother to breast cancer in fall 2009, he began to explore his ability as a song writeras a form of therapy. One of his most known song “Conflicted” was a song dedicated to the loss of his mother and the pain and heartbreak he felt while dealing with a divorce. 


After going to the military in 2013, he found his niche as a recording artist. Writing and recording  became more than just an escape. He put out 3 albums 6 eps and a number of hot singles. 


On April 28th he dropped a snippet of his now released song “Thinking Out Loud” and it went viral on TikTok. This artist is still gaining traction on streaming platforms, and is on pace to surpass one million career plays within a year of launching his professional career.


Stay tuned!



@ KUBE 93.3 FM

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