Located in the heart of Seattle's Beacon Hill community, the house is ideally located just 10 minutes south of downtown Seattle, and less than 5 minutes from the I-5 interstate. There is ample parking located around the property, and a bus line conveniently placed en route to the house.


The property itself is fenced in, with driveway access only. There is a large side and backyard available for hosting events and barbecues.


The main event space of the house is the finished basement. Furnished with lavish leather sofas and erotic art, the basement has a definite lounge/party vibe. This is enhanced by the powerful SONOS surround sound system and strippers poles strategically placed in the basement for your convenience. Finally, a stocked bar and Flat Screen entertainment system have been added to complete the experience for guests. With space to accommodate about 125 guests the house is ideal for local and intimate events. Our house DJ and staff are available to assist you, click here to book them.


For an additional fee, the 1st floor of the house can be made available to guests as well. It features a pool table room and additional bar room for patrons to lounge in, as well as a mid-sized dining area. Our house chef is available for catering and "by the plate" bookings, click here to book him. 


Atlast reserves the right to with-hold services to anyone deemed a threat or nuisance to its staff or patrons.